hello, I’m Jasraj Hothi (or Jas for short).

I call myself a writer and writing coach.

Since leaving my corporate job in 2015, I’ve run several blogs, including INF Club for creative introverts. (I also co-hosted the INF Summit, attended by more than 2,000 across the world).

In 2021, I started this blog: Diary of an indie writer.

I'm about to publish my first book, 📖 The Indie Author (September 2021).

My hope is to a) share my own journey as an independent writer b) help fellow writers create their art, and make money from it in a healthy way

This blog is my diary, where I document the things I’m learning & experiencing, the conversations I’m having along the way, and my tips for writers.

Make yourself at home I hope you enjoy browsing :)

Thanks for being here,


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