Hey there, Lake Genevan… 👋

Thank you for landing here! I’m Jas, a writer from England ✌️ I’m spending 3 months in the US, starting out here in Lake Geneva where I’m spending a few weeks…
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Yup, that’s me happily standing by the frozen lake the day I arrived… Anyhow, I’m hoping to connect with fellow writers whilst I’m in town so I thought I’d try hosting a meetup at one of my favourite coffee spots here. Details as follows:
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What? A casual meet for writers and aspiring writers in Lake Geneva or nearby... this is open to anyone who currently writes or is interested in writing :) When? Friday 17th March, 4.00-6.00pm Central Time Where? Inspired Coffee (883 W Main St, Lake Geneva)
👉 RSVP HERE, or just show up on the day :)
I’m expecting this meetup to be quite small/intimate (aka: introvert-friendly). I’ve reserved the small section at the back inside of Inspired Coffee. (If you’ve not been to Inspired before, it’s an awesome place).
I hope to see you there 🙂 Jas — jas@indiewriter.net