Hey there, Lake Genevan… 👋

Dear Resident of Lake Geneva, Hello and welcome to this special page I’ve put together just for you! :) I’m Jas, a writing coach from England. I’m spending a few weeks in the US, beginning my trip here in the beautiful city of Lake Geneva.
Happily standing by the frozen lake on a sunny Saturday
Happily standing by the frozen lake on a sunny Saturday
After leaving a successful position in the corporate world back in 2015 to study my Masters, I soon started journalling and sharing my writing online, eventually helping others to write down their stories. Late last year, I published my debut book - The Indie Author - after three years of interviews and editing. This year, I’ve re-branded my writing business to focus on helping writers of all shapes and sizes start writing your book. Whether it’s an idea you’ve been holding onto for years (this is fairly common), or you’ve recently started to feel that now is the right time to write your story. My writing coaching combines science with intuition. I have a Masters in Positive Psychology (‘the science of optimal functioning’) and use journalling as the foundational tool for my work. As an adult, I’ve been writing for 8 years. You can read my story here.
1:1 Writing Coaching to help you write down your story
I’m offering a special discount of 25% through March, April & May 2023. A bundle of 4 coaching sessions is available at 300USD / 75 USD per session (usually 400USD / 100USD per session). You can find all the details about 1:1 writing coaching with me OVER HERE. Thanks for visiting my page - and happy writing! Jas —
✉️ jas@indiewriter.net
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