Walking and talking

There’s something about conversing alongside someone, vs facing them.

One of my favourite ways of connecting is through walking and talking. I was brought in touch with this today when I met up with a friend this afternoon; our exchange flowed deeply and easily, and we covered lots of ground - both literally and conversationally - considering the hour we spent together. It's been proven that walking is synonymous with creativity. There's something about being outdoors in the fresh air - taking yourself into a place of expansive thinking - and conversing alongside your conversation partner; it's somewhat less confrontational than facing them, you don't have to think so much about one another's body language and cues, it just feels more easy and relaxed. This is also the format ex-footballer and now presenter-slash-pundit Gary Neville uses for his interview series The Overlap, in which he engages in casual conversations with various sportspeople as they walk-and-walk. The next time you're meeting up with someone, consider making it a walk-and-talk instead of a sit-and-talk, and see if you notice any difference. // 11th February, 2023
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