Underestimating how much happens in a week

With about a week to go in January, I journalled this morning…

It continues to surprise me how much we underestimate what we happens in a week, or a month.
With about a week to go in January, I journalled this morning about how I was feeling, what I was needing, and some of the things I’d done or that had otherwise happened this month. There’s a reasonable amount of change in the air going on, so I wanted to throw it all down onto the page. I filled out the best part of an A4 page, with twelve bullet points in the middle summarising things I have done/experienced in the last three weeks. I was brought in touch with just how much I have going on at the moment, acknowledging all that’s happening, and the things I’ve done since the start of the year.
It’s important to me to continue to check-in and acknowledge these things. After I had shared what has happened in the last 3 weeks, I wrote about what I am needing for myself for this next week and into the month of February.

“And so, goodness, that all adds up to a fair amount of change and progress indeed” - from this morning’s journal entry

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