The next chapter after my book release

Looking at life after my book launch / the art and business of being a independent writer.

Since last weekend, I’ve been ‘recovering’ from my book launch. I feel pleased and also relieved to have finally put The Indie Author out there and be able to gently draw a line underneath this project, and re-orientate myself as I begin to look ahead.

I’ve been trying not to check my sales stats every couple of minutes(!), but it was cool to see that The Indie Author featured in the top three ‘new releases’ in the Journaling, Journal Writing and Business Writing Skills categories on Amazon, and was even the #3 ‘bestseller’ in ‘Journaling’ at one point.

The Indie Author was even the #1 New Release in ‘Journal Writing’, though by the time I went to take a screenshot it had moved back a little to #2 spot. I was chuffed, I wasn’t expecting it :)

I’m seeing the benefit of my Amazon keywords & categories research already, as I’d specifically chosen ones that I was most likely to ‘rank’ for. I’m intending to share more about the launch soon. Now that I’ve given the book the best release out into the world that I can, I sort of just have to let it do its thing now.

I’m also excited to look ahead and be able to really focus now on The Indie Writer, the name for my new blog (the one you’re currently reading 🙃) since August as I now step into a new direction.

I’ve been feeling out the sorts of content I want to produce to help fellow writers and aspiring writers, around two particular themes I care about:

1)     Writing freely


2)     Making an income from your writing

I firmly believe that these two things are not mutually exclusive, and having been on this road on-and-off since 2015 (and more seriously ‘on’ for the last couple of years), I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned about being an independent writer.

We live in an exciting time where it really is possible to make money around writing things you find meaningful and care about. I know it to be true, because I know folks who are making a sustainable income from their blogging/writing businesses, and I’ve experienced the same as I’ve started to make money from my own blog, too.

Having a blog, producing and sharing content, slowly cultivating an audience, and then serving that audience with content and assets that will help them (whether it’s with an online course like the Mastermind programme I’ve run previously, or a book like the one I’ve just released) is the short version of how it is possible to be a writer with a sustainable, independent business.

If you’re a writer of any kind with aspirations to make an income from your work, I’d love to hear where you’re currently at – you can write to me at, and I’ll write back.


My 3 favourite *simple* blogging platforms

Quite simply, if you’re a writer I feel that there are a bunch of benefits to having a blog, wherever you are on your writing journey – even if you’re not thinking about making money right now.

I explained exactly why I feel every writer should have a blog in a recent video, and this week I’m sharing 3 simple blogging platforms I recommend to writers.

I’ve used several platforms since I started out, running my first blogs on Wordpress. Today, I’m not using Wordpress; instead, I have realised that you can set yourself up for success by choosing a simple, minimal platform that just lets you easily write and publish.

So you might be pleasantly surprised by my choices, and I imagine that you’ve not heard of at least one of these platforms. Here’s to simple blogging! 😊

🎥 Starting a blog? my favourite 3 simple platforms [vlog]



PS. As of January 2024, The Indie Writer is now 👥 INF Club. Join us there!