The Indie Writer project, Week 9 check-in

Here's your Week 9 check-in for the Indie Writer project.

_Dear writers,

Here's your penultimate mid-week check-in for the Indie Writer pilot project :)

✍️ This week's entry is ”returning to my writing journey”.

It's an opportunity to reflect on your Week 1 entry or, if you missed it, to carve out just 10 minutes to reflect on the wonderful thing that is your writing journey. Because, you see, if you're here there's a pretty good chance you have a fascination with words - both reading them and writing them.

This week's challenge is an opportunity to share your relationship with words on your personal writing space (GoogleDoc)._

Here are some of Week 9's entries, and more.

📝 Some of the latest entries from the community:

Returning to my writing journey” (week 9 + week 1) Hard work Hard choices Respecting oneself As much as one is able - **[Jeff's writing space](**

So looking back on my first entry, MY WRITING JOURNEY, what I seem to have noticed is what I continue to write about are ‘my life experiences’....It seems like ‘connection and relationships’ in life are key for me….my writing tends to ‘look back’ rather than the present moment. (Don’t know if that’s good, bad or really doesn’t matter?)

There’s no ‘good or bad’ in writing is there? Only honesty and openness I suppose - **[Rita's writing space]( **

I’ve written hundred or so pages of personal journals which I never intend to publish (they include mundane things like to-do lists, for instance) but I find that this is a useful tool to make sense of my days. - **John's writing space **

I would like to dip into writing as a place to rest

Seasonally!  Reensarai's writing space

Writing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was quite young, 2nd or 3rd grade, I remember trying to figure out how books were made, cuz I wanted to write actual books! I wrote story after story and taped or stapled the pages together, made covers out of cardboard, illustrated them, and agonized over just the right titles to go on those covers. I wrote scripts for puppet shows, and put them on for my playmates in the neighborhood. Admission price was a penny, but if you didn’t have a penny, that was okay.  wsquared's writing space

** Other entries**

I care about so many things, so many people, so many animals, so many trees, bugs, rocks, oceans; the list is infinite.  Over the years I have cared so much, I have burned out.  You see, I forgot to care for myself while caring for everything else.  A hard lesson my body has forced me to learn is I can’t give or care if I don’t nourish and care for myself first.  I was taught always to put others before myself and that it was selfish to practise self-care. - **[Gaye's writing space](**_

Ideal Day 5: It’s Friday and I’m in the South of France. A film is being shot at a house down from where I’m staying. I watch at a far distance. At one point a woman with a clipboard notices me and I wave. She waves back but is busy. It seems to good to be true and I head back to my house and take a nap. That night I go to a little bar and the clipboard woman is there. Her name is Collette.**Darin's writing space **

I have wanted to write comedy skits, scripts, and poetry.  I have wanted to write academic papers and books for the  general reader.  I want to write my plans and ideas, my journey, and the experiences of us all.   What’s next?  Well, that’s up for this blog to decide.  There’s lots here to unpack, omit, rework, and plenty to correct.  The important part is that I wrote some stuff down. - **Stefan's writing space **

Granted, he could definitely work on his professional boundaries. And his relationship with work is sometimes unhealthy. But he is unrelenting, unwaveringly optimistic, and fights every day for our family. Julia's writing space **  - **[Anna's writing space]( **Iftee's writing space_

Today I went back to the memoir project I wrote about on the first blog entry. I opened the file, stared at the blank page for a very long time, distracted myself with other things when the anxiety started rising, and then I had a physical sensation that transported me back to a childhood memory.

And the words started flowing. - **[Vicky's writing space](**_

** A gentle reminder...**

With it only being Wednesday, there's *plenty* of time to take 10 minutes out of your day to complete this week's challenge.

Dozens of writers in the community have now written about their writing journey. You're invited to do the same, reflecting on this special part of your life: your writing journey.

Happy writing,


I wrote in my first entry that my writing has always been a lifeline. From the first poems that I wrote to writing these words today, words are my thing. They are my obsession, my passion, the thing that keeps me going. Where would I be without my writing? I dread to find out and hope I never do. Not every day is perfectly productive.The trick to being a writer, to being a creative person, is to forgive yourself when you think you have those less than productive days. Because the truth is, a creative person is always thinking, always dreaming and planning their next project.

Today, I’m happy to type these words in this ninth blog entry. I’m happy to be surrounded by such amazingly creative souls. And if this is all the writing I do today, I’m happy with that, because in my mind, in my heart, are more thoughts, more words, and I will release them.

A writing journey never ends.

**– [Patricia's writing space](**_  (blog entry #9)