The Indie Writer project, Week 9

A gentle theme this week, whether you’ve completed 0/8 weekly challenges so far, or 8/8. Welcome to Week 9, the penultimate week of the Indie Writer project.

Over the last few weeks, we have been giving ourselves the permission to write for just 10 minutes on a specific theme.

Have you been surprised by what’s been unfolding here?

If you joined us from Week 1, you might recall that the very first challenge was: ✍️ “my writing journey”.

This week’s 10-minute challenge is for everyone, and it's an invitation for you to return to your writing journey.

✍️ Week 9: “returning to my writing journey”

👉 If you took part in Week 1’s challenge…

Revisit your Week 1’s entry, and then write freehand on the above theme, using 1 or more of these prompts:    – how did you writing entry land with you?  - is there anything you would like to add to what you wrote?  - what would you like your writing journey ahead to look like?

OR ** 👉 If you have not yet taken part in Week 1’s challenge...**

This week is an opportunity for you to do so: the Indie Writer project, week 1.

⏱️ your week 9 challenge       ✔  write on the theme of “(returning to) my writing journey”       ✔  share your entry on your writing space (GoogleDoc), under 'entry 9'

** Some words of encouragement...**

Wherever you are on your Indie Writer journey, thank you for being here with us.

By choosing to reflect on your writing journey, for as few as ten minutes, you may be surprised by what unfolds.

Happy Sunday, and happy writing,


PS. As of January 2024, The Indie Writer is now 👥 INF Club. Join us there!