The Indie Writer project, Week 8 check-in

Here's your Week 8 check-in for the Indie Writer pilot project.

Welcome to another Wednesday update to share with you what's been going on in the Indie Writer community.

As the pilot project has progressed, we know that it's not been easy to keep on top of all of the writing happening (via the community hub), so hopefully these mid-week writeups are helpful to you.

Before we get to the entries, a reminder that this week's entry was to spend 10 minutes writing on this week's theme: ✍️ “something i care about”

If you haven't already taken part this week, we hopesome of these recent entries might help you...

📝 Some of the latest entries from the Indie Writer community:

Reading week” (week 7)

I have been reading as many of your blogs as I have been able over these past weeks and have been inspired and humbled by everyone’s writing...

There has been a line, a paragraph, a tone, a feeling from each blog that has made me want to celebrate our humanity, and it has been wonderfully validating to know that I am not alone, and that although we have our unique voices, we all share so much more in common. - **[Gaye](**_

I’m not comfortable giving feedback on anyone else’s writing journey. I firmly believe that every creative impulse acted upon is rewarded with an appropriate audience, no matter how small. What one chooses to write and how they go about it is between themselves and the Universe, in my view. If I don’t particularly resonate with a particular piece of writing, I figure it wasn’t meant for me, not that it’s not written well or that the topic is off the mark. It will resonate with the right reader. Well done everyone! Keep writing! wsquared

Ahhhhh, it’s summer!! I LIVE for this moment… this very instant, this point in the year. Solar-powered I sail through these days, energized, content, raring to go!

Though I’m sorry for my absence I excuse myself: for me to live in the northern hemisphere at 1300 metres, I must fuel up when the days are long and bright.

And last night, in the dusky light of 10:30 pm I managed to sit down at my computer to read, thanks for your patience!** - [Kat](**

“Things i care about” (week 8) + other entries

I can start this by writing that I care about my husband, my family, my friends, my cat, my home, my health and, definitely, my faith. I care about helping and inspiring others. I care about my writing and how I can use my words, my posts, my poetry, my books to help and inspire others. I care about making my husband's dreams come true. I care about spending every moment I can with my parents, who I'm blessed to still have in my life. I care about being the best person I can be, whatever that is and whatever I can do to make a difference, however small.  **- [Patricia](**_

My passion. Writing with a focus - **[Jeff](**

When I was a kid, my parents affectionately compared me to Hermione Granger, the bookworm from the Harry Potter series. My nose was always in a book – usually fiction, adventure tales like Magic Tree House, lots of horse stories. Grace

Hello world. Wanna know something about me? I hate writing 'about me' sections. I've literally never been able to create something that I stand back, look at, and go “yep, that sounds about right.“ If you know me, I guess that shouldn't surprise you. I am notoriously indecisive, interested in everything but in a transient manner, fickle, grappling with commitment issues, and recently discovered I have a host of ADHD symptoms plaguing my behavior – which definitely don't help with staying focused in one area.  - Julia

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As our pilot project gently begins to wind to an end, we hope you’ll step into some writing (just 10 minutes) this week, if you haven't already.

Happy Wednesday!


PS. And here's one final “reading week” entry for you:

I read quite a few blogs this morning. My conclusion? There’s more than one person here I’d like to have for a pen friend. At least one of our bloggers loves Dungeons & Dragons. I would LOVE to learn how to play the game. When we moved out here to Idaho in fall 2019 I found a local game shop that had D&D nights. And then 58 year old me was welcome. But Covid reared its cootie covered head…

Another wrote of writing as being therapy. Yes, writing is my therapy too. I’ve been a fan of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way series. Morning Pages, three pages of stream of consciousness writing upon awakening, has been my therapy for nearly three decades. I also journal. We’re talking about lifelines here.

I choose not to name names or blog authors for this prompt. But I highly encourage everyone to read some blogs.  - **[Frances ](**_

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