The Indie Writer project, Week 6 check-in

We are now in Week 6 of this 10-week pilot project, and here's your mid-week check-in…

It was the longest day of the year here in the UK yesterday (Summer solstice), or it will have been the shortest day of the year if you’re in the southern hemisphere.

How are you feeling right now?

Perhaps you’re pleased with how you’ve been stepping in and writing so far, or maybe you’re feeling a little bit *meh*.

If it’s the latter, I’d invite you to be kind to yourself and, if you’re feeling up to it, choose one of the previous writing challenges ✍️

Or, maybe writing this week just isn’t happening. And that’s okay too.

Either way, I hope you find something in the entries written by some of your fellow indie writers in recent days

📝 Little extracts from week 6 so far...

theme: “my ideal day”

AN Ideal Day, to be confused with MY Ideal Day is one of PURE RELAXATION AND SELF CARE. Mind you, this would consist of Not in any specific or precise order: ~ Meditation in the AM ~ Short 15 minute walk under a blue sky, gorgeously warm morning; ending up near a stream or lake among or in a forest of trees. ~ A large frothy cappuccino created by an expert barista or myself  – Rita's blog

Routines that help nurture and replenish my energy and vigour help me move throughout the day. Predictability. A Starbucks drink. Waving at a familiar face. Someone acknowledges me. Small things can make a big difference.  – Jeff's blog

My Ideal day is when everything I had planned in my to-do list is completed. Also I have extra time to work on my passion. I have been travelling and at the same time I can work anywhere I want. Watching sunsets with my family with zero distractions.  - Yugant's blog

Dinner would be something lusciously Italian, noodly and saucy, with breadsticks and a big green salad, and something sinfully chocolatey and gooey for dessert. Since I abhor cooking, this meal would be enjoyed at a restaurant with friends.wsquared's blog

If things become unpredictable, I fall back on my 5 essential categories: Work, Exercise, Chores, Study, and Recreation, not always in that order. As long as I can devote a little bit of time to each of those, the day has gone well. Developing steady habits is the most important.John's blog

Ideal Day 1: I have an itch to get in the car and drive. The feeling propels me, and I find myself behind the wheel for days and days on end. Some nights we camp out in the station wagon at places where there’s communal overnights, and other evenings we stay at shabby but modest hotels that allow dogs, when we see them.Darin's blog

I decided long ago to stop chasing the idea of an ideal day. The chasing always left me in tears. Now, as I go about my day, attending to priorities and goals and dreams, I just focus on my internal emotional state, and I treat my self-care as non-negotiable (just like brushing my teeth). - Nadine’s blog

a few more extracts (other themes):

At the moment, I am spending my time on teaching a course that I have created called “Weaving Your Chakras Whole”… I have been studying and practicing energy healing for more than twenty years now. I am a Reiki master and energy teacher. I am an ordained Shamanic Priestess, as well as having a Masters of Divinity in spiritual care and counseling.  – E.orion’s blog

I don’t remember the first thing I wrote. But I remember the happiness I felt when I was typing word after word into the Ms.Doc 2007 on my old laptop. I didn’t really care about the plot or theme that much at the time, but I almost immediately fell in love with my characters. – Isa’s blog

They say that you meet two kinds of people—one who accompanies you in the journey of life and one who gives you pain and teaches you hard lessons that make you strong and fearless… He is my husband. During the 3 years of our married life, I have learned from him, followed him, and admired him. He has seen a lot of struggles from a very tender age but that has only made him stronger and tougher.  – Radhika’s blog

If you'd like to give this week's challenge a go – and write about your ideal day – here it is:

✍️ Week 6 challenge – “my ideal day” [time required: 10 minutes]

or: read all entries from the community

Happy writing – and reading!