The Indie Writer project, Week 10

An opportunity to reflect, and consider what the days & weeks ahead might bring.

_As we enter our final week of these 10 weeks of writing, you're invited to take a *pause* before reading any further.

A moment's breath can do wonders, especially when one is tuning into reflect._

let's take a deep breath together...

_This week's theme is a reflective one indeed. Hopefully, you found some space opportunity to reflect on your writing journey last week.

(And if not, it's certainly not too late. Why don't you complete Week 9’s challenge before this one? As you know by now, it’ll take just 10 minutes)._

With that being said, here's your final challenge.

✍️ “the road ahead”

For 10 weeks now, we have been writing together.

Together, we have written cumulatively for hours, read one another's writing, and experienced things that can't be measured.   This week, you are invited to write to each of the following two prompts.

Before you write a word, take a moment to pause and reflect on how these last 10 weeks of writing have been for you...

1) Have you learned something, made an observation, or taken away anything from your experience? (however small or insignificant it may seem)

2) Is there a writing project you’d like to make time for in the coming days and weeks? 

(it can be a book, a novella, memoir, fiction, poetry,  a written diary / journal, or something else entirely... for just a few minutes a week.) 

✍️  your week 10 challenge       ✔  write on the theme of “the road ahead” (under 'entry 10' on your GoogleDoc)       ✔  give yourself a warm pat on the back

With gentle endings come new beginnings.

Here’s to week 10, and the road ahead… 


_As independent (indie) writers, we have the power to sit down and let ourselves write, at any time.

Some days the words may flow like no tomorrow, and on others it might feel like we are trudging through treacle.

But the power is always with us - and nobody else._