So we turned the page on another year last night

So we turned the page on another year last night. I spent the evening in with my folks, and we watched the fireworks together on the television. Just like that, 2022 is left behind and we find ourselves in 2023. I know I'd like this year to be the most prolific yet in terms of the words that I write, which is exciting to think about. I know that - just like last year - focused work will be the name of the game. There are lots of words I'd like to write and publish this year. I suppose 'lots' is relative. I'd like 2023 to see me write more words than I ever have done in any year. There are other things I want to focus my attention on this year (ah, you see that word
focus there again) for sure, but writing words feels particularly important to me. In a world that seems increasingly noisy, with soundbites and apps and bells-n-whistles competing for our depleting attention spans, as I continue to navigate the relationships in my life, and ride out the emotional growth, process the richness of the day, and bring me back to centre after I'm been "out" in the world... my writing feels more important than ever. So this year, I will write. ps. A couple of books I've previously read are coming to my mind. Deep Work (Cal Newport) and, in a similar vein, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry (John Mark Comer). One of those might be a worthwhile re-visit. // 1st January, 2023
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