Scrupulously saying “no”

In this year of wanting to create a lot, scrupulously saying "no" is a must.

I'm in a season of catching up with friendly faces I've not seen for a good while. Last night I had dinner with a friend from primary school. Earlier in the day I had had lunch with a friend I used to work with. Both parts of London I found myself in, Victoria and Paddington, have recently seen big new developments of shops, restaurants and - in the latter case - a canal. London, and especially "Zone 1 London" (as per the Tube zones) as Mike pointed out, are being developed fast. Mike has two young children, and we talked about juggling work life with family life. One of the things I hear from many parents is that they are forced into a couple of things when a child (or more) come along; becoming more effective with their time, and saying "no" to more things (as well as, perhaps, getting less sleep!). The two of these things are tied together, and I don't have children but it's the second one in particular that spoke to me. In this year of wanting to create a lot, scrupulously saying "no" is a must. In the past, I would be more open to things, and easily find myself saying "yes" - which could provide new and exciting experiences, but would also lead to over-filling the plate. I am realising that time is one of the most precious commodities there is in this life. I am learning to guard my time and my energy with rigour so that I can live how I want to live, doubling-down on the things that really matter. After an early start and a late finish yesterday, with the gym and travel and navigation in between, I'm coming back to centre today and restoring the balance with me-time. That's a 'yes' I'm committed to. Jas Hothi is a writing coach, blogger & author of The Indie Author. READ HIS BLOG or SIGN UP FOR HIS NEWSLETTER to receive a free copy of his book, The Indie Author.