pilot project

Our 10-week pilot project ran in Summer 2022, with many neurodiverse writers taking part. ✍️🧠 It ran for 10 weeks from May - July 2022. We wrote for just 10 minutes each week, sharing our writing in a friendly, private space. Here’s what it looked like:
notion image
and here’s what folks were saying:
”When I complete each week, I get that same feeling I used to have when I really started writing years ago. The words just flow from my fingertips. It's a great feeling!”
“It's helping me take a pause in my week to sit down and write something around my writing, and remember things that are important to me. It's also pressure-free because I'm not doing it for the number of views or likes or comments. I'm doing it for my own growth.”
”Thank you for launching this little experiment. Your prompts have made me reflect and connect with things I love and had forgotten. I'm also enjoying reading other people's blogs, which is probably the main reason why I joined this project: A sense of community!”
“I'm really enjoying this community and writing challenge. Because I tend to procrastinate, I need the challenge. (Also the reason I've participated in several NaNoWriMo challenges). I've read several of my fellow writers' blogs and I love the diverse personalities and writing styles.”
“It's the first time in a long time that I'm actually writing regularly, so thank you soooo much for the infrastructure to do so.”
“I really like how these exercises promote more mindfulness in me - sometimes I get caught up in the "work work work" aspect of writing, esp with a deadline, but it's nice to get back to basics and write for myself.”
In August & September 2022, we are busy putting together our first group programme for ADHD writers… We hope you’ll join us! ✍️🧠