our story

In the early days of the internet, something curious and magical started to happen. Folks would set up personal sites and write their thoughts and experiences in “posts” – the digital equivalent of pages in a journal. These came to be known as weblogs, and were later renamed “blogs”. Each (we)blogger could connect with other (we)bloggers with a computer and an internet connection somewhere else in the world, possibly in the same country, or even on the other side of the world. And so the earliest “blogs” on the web were simply places to show up and share thoughts and experiences to. In other words, a blog was a place to express yourself through writing. But then something changed. Somewhere along the line, the internet became more commercialised, and these sacred writing spaces – today called “blogging platforms” - became less about self-expression, and more about likes, clicks and attention. Writers who started a blog for the purpose of self-expression, soon found themselves lost, distracted, and overwhelmed by all of the “noise” out there. And so the writer’s true, authentic voice was lost. The concept of writing for writing’s sake was eroded. And herein lies the travesty, the tragedy even. The art-form that was a blog, a personal little diary or online journal, has been lost and replaced with… something else. The Indie Writer represents somewhere new. A place to help writers discover the magic of writing things to a shared space web and connecting with one another. We’re a little writing community with a big mission. 💛