My writing journey, part 1

Next month will mark the two-year birthday of the Indie Author blog, the project which eventually became the book I’m releasing in a couple of weeks’ time.

At the heart of this book is raw and honest stories of writers – and their writing.

Which is why I’ve been asking myself recently what writing means to me.

To help me answer that question, I’ve put together a video – with pictures – which looks back on my writing journey from my primary school days up until today (including a 10-year pause in the middle).

It took me a while to put this together, but I loved looking back on my writing journey and engaging with memories that had been laying dormant.

This is part 1 of my writing journey:

To experience it in full – with those pictures I mentioned – 🎥 here’s the video.

Or, you can 🔉 listen via podcast.

I hope you enjoy it, and perhaps it might invite you to think about your own journey with writing – or whichever creative outlet is the most meaningful to you.



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