Kenya Barris and ‘You People’

It’s important for more of these stories to be told… for all of us.

I watched ‘You People’ last night, directed by Kenya Barris and written by him with Jonah Hill. The film is centred around how Ezra (Jonah Hill) and Amira (Lauren London) navigate a modern-day relationship whilst coming from different backgrounds - and how their respective families, of Jewish and Black Muslim (Nation of Islam) origin - intermingle, converse and come to terms with their differences. A good portion of what was highlighted found resonance with me. Barris has also created the likes of Black-ish and #BlackAF, writing and producing both shows. It’s important for more of these stories to be told, for people of colour and immigrant populations around the world to be seen, heard, and spoken to. And, I feel, for everyone else too. May the likes of Kenya Barris and Tyler Perry - the billionaire producer, director, actor (and more) whose Atlanta studio was intentionally built upon land once a Confederate base built by slaves - continue to shine and pave the way for other creatives of colour to excel and create their stories for worldwide audiences to receive. That can only be a good thing for ‘us people’, whatever race or nationality we might be.
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