I'm hoping to record a little more audio this year

I've been gently making plans for what I'm hoping to make happen this year. One of the things I was looking at over the holidays was my podcast stats. Diary of an Indie Writer has started-n-stopped and, last year, I made just a handful of audio recordings. SpotifyWrapped tells me that I recorded just over 300 minutes. I'm hoping to record a little more audio this year. I enjoy using my voice. It's another way - a different way - to bring my thoughts and feelings to life. And so, yesterday, I shared how I celebrated the new year, some thoughts on last year (I shared my 'year in a sentence'), and my one big focus for my writing life in 2023. I hope you might take something from the kind-yet-focused approach I'm taking this year. I've found a little bit of focus can go a long way. You can listen here: 🎙️ My writing plans for this year ps. If you're still getting used to being in 2023, don't worry, you're certainly not the only one! :) — Jas Hothi is a writing coach, blogger & author of The Indie Author. READ HIS BLOG or SIGN UP FOR HIS NEWSLETTER to receive a free copy of his book, The Indie Author.