How I’m distributing my book // a direct-first approach 🎙️

"Having the freedom and the control of my own online bookshop is really important to me. I want my writing to sell and be an asset that makes money over the months, the years, and the decades to come."

Almost a month ago, I hit a pretty significant milestone in my writing journey... I became an independent author. In this recording, I share the approach that I'm taking to selling and distributing my book. I talk about Shopify, Amazon, bookshops and - most of all - why I've chosen to take a direct-first approach to selling my book. One that involves selling on my own online bookshop and making it available in the more traditional places, too.
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Jas Hothi is a writing coach & author. With a Masters in Positive Psychology (MAPP), he loves to help folks write their stories using their unique creative rhythms. He is currently offering a free copy of his book, The Indie Author, to anyone who signs up for his newsletter. SIGN UP HERE to get yours.
Jas Hothi

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Jas Hothi

Writing Coach & Author.