Getting ready for my book launch

How I’m preparing for my first book launch, and conversations I’ve been having in my local coffee-shop.

It's been a good week.

I've been going back-and-forth with my book formatter in the last week or so. I was relieved for him to have been recommended a while back, which means after my little hiccup a couple of weeks back I was able to get things moving.

I got the first version back, and I quickly realised a bunch of things that needed changing, either because something looked strange in the Kindle previewer, or that I'd missed a couple of things (despite all those times I went through the book and ran a visual check, spell-check, grammar-check, all the checks).

Queue going back-and-forth a couple more times and, as I write this, I have what could be the final version in my inbox just waiting to be looked at.

In the meantime, I've been keeping myself busy this week with learning about Amazon keywords and categories, to help give myself the best possible launch, now for the e-book, and in the not-too-distant future (I'm hoping) for the paperback.

This feels like a whole new exciting world, and I'm treating myself like a scientist in a lab running experiments and just seeing what the outcomes are. I decided to invest in a tool called PublisherRocket which makes research easier and, given that I plan to release more books, the one-off $120ish price seemed a no-brainer.

Aside from that, I've been continuing to migrate INF Club –> The Indie Writer, from doing things like re-organising my youtube playlists to thinking about what sort of content schedule I'd like to go with, from this blog to my youtube and podcast stuff.

I've also enjoyed a couple of spontaneous coffee shop conversations this week, meeting a fellow entrepreneur, fellow INFP, and fellow German-speaker (well, I'm not fluent, but I took German through most of high school...💁‍♂️). Whilst I tend to be 'head down' whilst I'm working, I've enjoyed being aware of my surroundings and striking up the odd conversation. If there's anything I enjoy it's a nourishing conversation, and it seems that more folks are working from coffee shops this days making them, perhaps, more interesting environments than they once were.

Away from my creative projects, I've enjoyed a couple of trips into London this last week, documenting one of those trips in this week’s vlog.


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