Friday afternoon, weekend’s here soon

a poem.

Friday afternoon,
Weekend’s here soon,
What’s that mean for me?
I guess we’ll wait and see.
The thing I’m needing most of all,
Is to put myself first.
Water can quench your thirst,
But without rest the bubble bursts.
It’s been a year of firsts,
Last year I went away,
I chose Valencia over St. Tropez,
Nearly three months I went away,
By the time I came back, I felt
I was a new person.
It’s not always been easy.
I’m not sure everyone in my life found it easy (it wasn’t just me),
Spain in December was cool and breezy,
And life out there sure wasn’t all easy.
But I’m gonna keep going on,
Centred and strong.
Grounded in who I am - and yes, now and then I’ll do wrong,
There’ll be plenty of mistakes as I go;
One thing I’ll never know
Is how to be perfect.
Why would I want to be?
I’ve got my whole imperfect life waiting in front of me.
So just to be clear,
After thinking this through,
Life’s beauty comes from the unknowing…
The places where the light doesn’t shine through.
And slowly but surely,
As you step gently in,
More becomes illuminated,
The light pours in.
So even on the days when you’re feeling sh*tty and blue,
Like everything feels hopeless, and you don’t know what to do.
Take a break, rest easy.
After a moment’s pause - or maybe a long one -
There’s a plan, always a plan.
A brighter plan.
Simply waiting to shine its light on you.
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Jas Hothi is a writer, coach & author of The Indie Author. READ HIS BLOG or sign up for his newsletter to receive a free copy of his book HERE.