frequently asked questions

Answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions… 👉 What is The Indie Writer?
The Indie Writer is a community. It’s a place for you to (1) practise your writing, (2) hone your unique writing voice, and (3) work towards your writing projects. 👉 What is the aim of The Indie Writer? We aim to help ADHD writers write freely in their own unique way, whilst tapping into the power and benefits that come with being a part of a gentle community.
👉 How does it do that? Our community is built with a unique little formula: your private writing space + group writing livestreams + our gentle community
👉 Do I own my writing? Yes, 100%. Every word you publish is 100% yours. The community has the ability to read your writing, and thus you grant The Indie Writer permission to share your writing within the community (i.e. on your private writing space and the newsletter), but your words are - and always will be - 100% owned by you. See our terms for more information on this.
👉 Who is The Indie Writer for? When the project was started in May 2022, it was initially put together for those writers with ADHD who struggle to sit down and start writing, to focus on their writing, who find themselves procrastinating, or otherwise have found existing writing platforms/communities to be a little overwhelming.
👉 How do I get started? By joining in, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in our pilot project (running from May to July 2022). You’ll be sent a “theme” each week, with accompanying prompts to write to, and also be able to read the blogs of the 100+ writers who have joined the project thus far.
👉 Is there anything else?
Thank you for being here. If you have any questions or comments, just email