Embracing my creative, 'indie' journey

Hey everyone,

So I've been easing myself back into suburban London life, and I have to admit it's been nice settling back into the familiarity that is “home”.

I arrived back exactly a week ago last Sunday afternoon, and so I was here for the start of the week. I'd enjoyed my short walks downhill to the co-working space in Madeira, and I quite fancied giving myself a gentle morning 'commute' when I woke on Monday morning.

I felt grateful as I walked through Bushy Park, past a group of deeper and then to a coffee shop to start my morning's work. The very same coffee shop I am writing this newsletter from, in fact. Ending my week how I started it...

I'm reminding myself that there is adventure to be found even when I'm at home. It's just a case of mixing things up, making a little effort, and allowing myself to be grateful for the things I have accessible to me.

I wonder if you might be able to think about how you can incorporate some adventure into your own weekly life?


My primary focus at the moment has been to get The Indie Author book finished and prepare for its launch, which I can't wait to share with you.

There isn't an INF Cub podcast episode this week, but I wanted to share with you a short recording I made with my friend Sasa a couple of weeks ago. Sasa & I first connected via the IndieHackers forum over a video call (two, actually) earlier in the year, before we both found ourselves at the digital nomad village in Madeira.

We ended up spending a bunch of time together, finding solace in our both being 'indies' in the village (the majority of nomads were either employed or freelancers), and we shared many conversations about all sorts of stuff, from indie stuff to emotions to politics(!).

We decided to record a conversation about why we chose this 'doing our own thing' path, a conversation between two indies, if you will.

We share how we started our indie journeys, and what we were doing back in our conventional, corporate lives. We also shared how much we were earning previously, and I share how much money I have made from INF Club to date (though, since recording, I've actually calculated that I've made more than twice as much in earnings than I had guess-timated).

As my 2-year Indie Author project nears its end with the release of the book, it was nice fo me to connect back with my original why – why it is I'm so passionate about this indie movement – and why it was I left the corporate world.

It's a little over 30 minutes in length, and you can listen to the raw audio using the link below:

👉 https://anchor.fm/indies/episodes/How-we-started-our-indie-journeys-and-what-this-podcast-is-about-e14udod

update: you can now listen on other podcast platforms, too.


As well as being energising and nourishing, the time I spent away has also helped me grow strong in my indie identity, and helped me become clearer about the work I want to do – and who I want to serve – going forward.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you as it unfolds.



📝 Sunday 1st August, 2021

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