“Create before you consume”

There is so much to distract us from what we'd like to do. Whether it's procrastinating in front of the television, delaying something until "another day" (or "next week"), or packing our calendars with stuff (e.g. socialising), there are always a million and one things we could be doing, instead of what it is we really want to focus on. I'm taken back to the final stages of putting my debut book together. When it came to both the digital (2021) and print (2022) releases, it felt like I was walking through treacle. A lot of times, there's emotional stuff under the surface which leads to us avoiding that which we want to do. It could be words you heard from someone when you were young, or things you do that seem to trip you up time and time again. In the UK, there's always something happening in the news. In the last couple of years, it seems like the emotional intensity of the news has reached fever-pitch. Just a couple of the topical things right now in the UK (difficult to miss, they are everywhere) are the ongoing public sector strikes and Prince Harry's book. There are so many things - both internal and external - that can distract us from ourselves, and doing what it is we really want to do. It’s important to remember that each of us is in the driving seat...

Here’s the mantra I use to curb my own media consumption…
"Create before you consume."
Meaning, it's imperative that I create the life (and work) of my dreams before I unconsciously and habitually consume the creations of others. For example, ten minutes of meditation helps me create a stronger brain and experience more clarity, insights, and creativity; a fifteen-minute home workout can help me create more energy and strength; twenty-five minutes of writing can help me chip away at a book or marketing idea and create major progress in my career. Heck, even five minutes of quiet thinking - distraction-free - creates breakthroughs! - Marie Forleo: Everything Is Figureoutable

// 10th January, 2023