Write with Jas

There’s a story you’re feeling called to write. Perhaps you’ve been holding onto a book idea for a while, or you’ve started writing it but are struggling to get going.

About writing with Jas

Writing coaching with me is a mix of guidance and exploration. The sessions are a space for you to show up with an open mind, and see what comes up. You’re welcome to bring anything and everything to our sessions; I believe everything in our lives affects our writing work, and so absolutely everything is welcome at the table.

My approach

Whilst I call myself a writing coach, in some ways “writing guide” is more accurate, with my role being somewhere between a coach and ‘writing mentor’, using my experience and expertise to decipher what’s best for you and your writing. I integrate principles from Positive Psychology, using journalling and other tools that can help us work through any writing blocks and help you uncover your writing voice. I know how difficult writing can be, especially if you’re a new to writing or are someone who is introverted, sensitive or neurodiverse in some way. My approach is a holistic one that blends both head and heart, science and intuition.

Coaching Sessions

I currently do sessions over video or audio. (I typically use Zoom for these calls; just a laptop/mobile with an internet connection is required) Each session is one hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this coaching for? All writers and aspiring writers with a book idea, or a book project that you’ve started on. Do I have to have started writing my book already? All you need for this coaching programme is a desire to write your story, whether you’ve started on it or not. It’s not uncommon to hear from folks who’ve had book ideas they’ve been holding onto for several months or even years. How long does the programme last? What does it involve? The programme consists of 4 coaching sessions, designed to take place every week or two weeks. From the day you purchase them, you’ll have two months (60 days) to book them in, and you can schedule them however you like. What happens after the programme? After 4 sessions together, you’ll have outlined and made meaningful progress on your book or writing project.
You’ll also have the option to purchase further coaching sessions if you’d like continued support.

What is writing with Jas like?

Here’s what others have shared about their experience: ”Synchronous; absolutely spot on; a blessing!” “I wrote every week and loved it” ”Sometimes I felt nervous knowing others would read my writing but that didn't stop me” ”… you were very low-intensity - thank you!” ”… it felt perfect”

1:1 coaching is currently closed whilst I work on my writing projects & with existing clients. You can subscribe to receive my next letter here.