Astrology and star signs

“I just don’t see how the positioning of the stars in the sky can affect your life”, a friend shared with me recently.

“I just don’t see how the positioning of the stars in the sky can affect your life,” a friend shared with me recently, when we were talking about star signs and astrology. I think there’s an awful lot about the world, about life, about the Universe that we will never know. Stars are these huge celestial bodies with a lifespan of millions of years and, really, how much do we know about them? I do wonder. Look at our Sun, for example. Without it, we simply wouldn’t be here. It’s by some against-all-odds miracle that Earth, created from dust and particles a long, long time ago, just so happened to orbit the Sun at a not-too-close-and-not-too-far distance. We only have to look at the other planets, closer to the Sun than us (too hot for life) and further from the Sun than us (too cold for life), and across the Universe (the search for life continues), to know just how fortunate we are to be here. Despite the incredible technological advances of the last few decades, in many ways we are none the wise. As well as the Sun and the stars, I also find the Moon fascinating. Affecting the tides, it is of no surprise to me that it can affect us, too; especially given how much we are comprised of wasted. Given my birth chart, I have been told by more than one person that I am prone to being affected by the Moon more than most. I am a double-Gemini and a Cancer rising. Without clinging onto everything I read about the Gemini star sign for dear life, I can’t help but notice certain traits, and certain… contradictions let’s say. I look at other notable Geminis and I think, “Hmm, that seems to make sense”. At the same time, I acknowledge that I - like you - am my own person, different to the seven-billion-plus souls on the planet. And yet, at the same time, we share much in common. (A contradiction if ever there was one… see what I mean?) I continue to be openminded about all of this and acknowledge I, and we, really don’t know an awful lot about life and the Universe. What I know for sure is that there is a sense of wonder and awe I experience when I look up at the stars and the Moon. Maybe it’s a Gemini thing? // 4th February, 2023
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