A fireside chat with Anja Schüler-Renner & John Davis

Here’s the second of 3 special fireside conversations, with self-published authors who have contributed to my new book: The Indie Author.

This one is with authors Anja Schüler-Renner and John Davis.

Anja is the author of the novel City of Lies, has also published non-fiction books, and is a coach for intuitive writing, based in Dresden, Germany.

John is an author, writer, speaker, and musician based in South Florida.

We talked about:

- How to navigate the delicate balance of ‘writing’ and ‘making money’

- How to write from an authentic place (for yourself) and for an audience (for others)

- How Anja & John approach their writing, marketing and editing processes

- and more

🎥 watch on youtube

I hope you enjoy this conversation, and I can’t wait to invite you to the book’s pre-launch in just a few days’ time (:



📝 Thursday, 16th September, 2021

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