Self Publishing

Listing Your Book on Amazon Kindle


Amazon Kindle, of course, is the biggest ebook site in the world and holds the greatest share of the ebook market. Not surprisingly, it is also by far my number one source of income from my self-published ebooks.


Any ebook self-published in the U.S. on Kindle that has a price of $2.99 or greater is eligible for a 70% royalty option. You also have the option of self-publishing your ebook in other countries, many of which also qualify for 70% royalty.


Publishing on Kindle is fairly easy. The biggest job is getting your file ready to publish. Before you begin, be sure to read Amazon Kindle's Simplified Formatting Guide. Also available is their e-book, Building Your Book for Kindle which can be downloaded for free.


Amazon Kindle also offers program called KDP Select, Kindle owners lending library, where you might qualify to share in a pot of money that is split between participating authors. For your ebook to qualify for KDP Select, you must agree to distribute your ebook exclusively on Amazon Kindle for at least 90 days. I do not participate in KDP Select, simply because all my books are already published elsewhere. However, it is something worth consideration since the pot is reportedly substantial. For more information on KDP Select, click here.

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