Website Design

Hosting Your Website

You will find many options in website hosting. So many, in fact, that it is hard for the beginning web designer to know what to choose.


Before you decide on one of the several free web hosting companies out there, be sure to do your research. When it comes to web hosting, sometimes you get just what you pay for. You do not want to work for countless hours on a website only to find that your host's server is down much of the time, or worse, the entire server has been shut down (and your website with it). Why risk it when you can usually get everything you need from a reputable company for less than $10 a month?


That said, many of the paid web hosting companies will offer free web design software. Be cautious about this, as well. The problem with using free web design software offered by any company is that it doesn't usually work on websites provided by other companies. That means you unless you are willing to redesign your entire website, you are stuck with the hosting company that provided the software. Plus you pay more for websites where the web design software is provided free.


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