Website Design

Decorating Your Website

Admittedly, you do need more than just writing skills to build a website if you want it to look nice. I make it a habit to keep a camera with me at all times. Since I am not a photographer, I make up for my lack of talent by taking lots and lots of pictures so that at least a few of them turn out well enough to use on my websites.


When I end up with a pretty good picture, I put it up for sale on a couple of the stock photo websites. When you're trying to make a living as an Indie Writer, you have to create as many income streams as possible.


If I do not have the picture that I need, I go to one of the stock photo websites and pick one out. Most of the pictures on Big Stock Photo cost around $3.00 each for the size you will need on most websites.


Free pictures and backgrounds can also be found all over the internet. Just be sure you're using something that is copyright free.

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