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Paid Blogging

Blogging has recently emerged as one of the premiere ways an Indie Writer can make extra income for his or her family. A few Indie Writers are even making a healthy, full-time salary from blogging alone.


Blogging offers several possibilities for income streams. An Indie Writer might choose to advertise on their blog through Affiliate Programs or Google AdSense. Or if they draw large enough numbers to their website, they might sell ads of their own. Some might choose to place their blog on Amazon Kindle Blogs, or receive free products, which they agree to review. An Indie Writer might even place a donation button on a beloved blog to raise a few funds for the author.


Be sure to thoroughly research your blog host before you create your blog(s). You probably do not want a free blog with advertisements on it if you plan to advertise there yourself. It is also advisable to buy your own domain name for your blog rather than relying on a free one given to you by a blog hosting company. If you ever need to move your blog, you want your domain name to come with you since you have spent so much time promoting it.